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35. Sok. 21, Yat Limanı
48700 Marmaris-TURKEY
Tel: 0090.252.412 35 27
Fax: 0090.252.412 69 94
Hüseyin Bileydi Sitesi A Blok D:3 Liman Mah.
07070 Antalya-TURKEY
Tel: 0090.242.259 44 47
Fax: 0090.242 259 44 47
+ Haluk SOYGÜR (Gsm)

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1. Vessel Condition & Evaluation Surveys
2. Insurance Surveys
3. Appraisal Inspections
4. Damage Surveys
5. Specific Services


Walk-through inspections


Sea Trials


Underwater Surveys
- Rigging Surveys


Moisture Content Analysis, Osmosis Evaluation and Audiogauge Thickness Measurement
- On and Off Hire Charter Surveys
- Stability Booklet Preparations and Yacht Manuals


Owner's Representative for Yacht Construction and Refit
7. Special Inspections on traditional Turkish wooden yachts


1. Vessel Condition & Evaluation Surveys :
This is a very comprehensive and thorough inspection of the yacht including structural integrity, rigging, cosmetics, all equipments and systems, documentation and every other minor detail that will be needed by the owner and/or prospective purchaser. It is wise to conduct this survey while the yacht is both afloat and on land so that the condition of the wet surfaces and the performance of the systems can be checked thoroughly. Added to the survey report, the summary, recommendations and photographic sections will contain all the necessary data that will reflect the present condition and value of the yacht.

2. Insurance Surveys :
A detailed inspection of the yacht in relation to the needs of the insurance companies and / or financial institutions. Structural integrity and safety are the main measures in such surveys, so a fair market value can be brought about as a result.

3. Appraisal Inspections:
Such inspections are performed to gather sufficient information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This service is generally needed for financing , estate settlements, donations and legal cases.

4.  Damage Surveys :
To assess the extent of the damage caused on the hull, rig, systems, cosmetics and elsewhere. The report presents information on the probable causes of the damage, recommendations on repairs and the estimated costs for such work.

5.  Specific Services:


Walk-through inspections :
This inspections are mostly performed to get a general idea about the subjected vessel and can be also limited to some specific parts or systems of a vessel.


Sea Trials :
Extensive sea trials for issuing reports on propulsion, machinery, systems, equipments, stability, directional stability and performance. This study can be done either separately or in conjunction with "Vessel Condition & Evaluation Survey".


Underwater Surveys :
An underwater survey for the purpose of inspecting the shafts, brackets, propellers, bow-thrusters, through hull fittings, anodes, ballast keel etc, to evaluate the conditions or damages of the above. Such a survey may not only confirm or cancel the need of taking the vessel ashore but it also contains information on reasonable steps to be taken for solving existing problems.


Rigging Surveys
This service is related to the surveys of both masts and rigging, aloft or when the masts are unstepped. Corrosion checks, crevice corrosion control and non-destructive crack tests are among the subjects of this service.


Moisture Content Analysis, Osmosis Evaluation and Audiogauge Thickness Measurement :
These services will be performed by utilizing modern devices and nondestructive methods. The aim is to find out the moisture content of GRP laminations or exposing minimum thickness levels of steel / aluminum hulls. Studies to detect de-lamination of composites and corrosion control are other subjects of these services.


On and Off Hire Charter Surveys :
A reliable service for the demanding clients and / or luxury yacht chart agents and companies. The service can be arranged both prior to embarkation and at the stage of disembarkation to avoid any dispute between the parties involved. The guideline of this service is the charter contract and it covers the calculations of extras as well, depending on the type of charter agreement.


Stability Booklet Preparations and Yacht Manuals :
Performing stability tests and production of stability booklets is another service available at EMS. Furthermore, both for new projects and for vessels already in service, EMS can produce yacht manuals either in hardcopy or in electronic format.

6.  Owner's Representative for Yacht Construction and Refit :
This is a regular service of EMS to assist the owners in new constructions or refits. The service encompasses studies on specification development / improvement, assistance in negotiations, continuous supervision on construction / refit / maintenance, tests and sea trials. A service of complete project management can be considered in this category of too.

7.  Special Inspections on Traditional Turkish Wooden Yachts :
One of the subjects that EMS has extensive experience and knowledge is the traditional Turkish gullettes. Our local relations, extensive information on the boats and yards make us the best option for the surveys of these vessels.


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